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With each post ask yourself the following questions:
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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Tuesday 22nd March 2011

What do we know/What have we heard about Gatsby by the start of Chapter3?

Our starter in the lesson was to recap on chapter 3 and answer the following question on what we have read in the chapter but also the first 2 chapters that mentions Gatsby.

We still dont know much about Gatsby as he still remains a mysterious figure throughout the first 3 chapters we read. As a class we came up with many personas of Gatsby and the rumors that has been spreading about him. We had to come up with quotes from the book to back up our ideas.
  • We have been told "that he was a German spy during the war".
  • Gatsby has been rumored that he "killed a man".
  • Hes a scary person "id hate to have him get anyhting on me"
  • Seen as a powerful figure as Nick interprets that "theres something gorgous about him.
  • Hes seen as a romantic figure and a well known man
  • Rich/Wealthy
  • Isolated/lonely/Mysterious
  • "Hes was an Oxford man"
  • Rumored that hes related to Euopean royalty

We had to put in order on what were the four most importanat factors upon Gatspy this was my order.

  1. Isolation
  2. Nicks impression on Gatsby
  3. Romantic figure
  4. The Gatsby rumors that "he once killed a man"

Our next task we had to think about AO2 which is language structure and form and what conventions that goes into writing in the AO2 especially for The Great Gatsby


  • Gustory- taste
  • Tactile- touch
  • Olfactory-smell
  • Kineatic-movement
  • Auditory-sound
  • Visual-sight

Narrative structure

  • Romantic/Modern style
  • Symbolizm
  • Similies/Metaphors
  • Colour
  • sentence Structure

Realating to A02 we did a table and on the Key quotation on Chapter 3, What the image dose and What impression dose it give of Gatsby.

This is an example of what we had to do in the lesson

Key Quotation Chapter 3 What this image dose Whats the impression of Gatsby

"In his blue gardens men and girls came" Blue at the time reprseneted This shows Gatspy as being

richness, mystreious. isolated

"aquaplaness over contracts foam" movemnt, romantism and Gatsby is seen as really wealthy

modern combined. since many people at the time

couldnt afford it.

"The air is alive with Chatter and laughter" Personifaction making non Gatsby lives freely especially links

living things come to life to the jazz age everyone living

happly, no deprseeion.

"The light grows brighter as the We get a colour impression, Gatsby hospitality shows

earth lurches away from the sun" kineastic imagery, phatic phallecy that the none living world are

mood of the party is really cheerful appreciating it.

that even the non living world are

experiencing it. Romantism and

realism combined scientificly.


  • Go through the rest of the chapter and add 5 more quotes to the list that we done in lesson
  • Complete the sheets that we were given and PLEASE DO THE FOLLOWING!!!

Nick as a character

  • What he says/dosent say/how he says things
  • What others think of him
  • Wat he dose

Nick as a Narrator

  • The way he presents himself and other characters
  • His telling of Gatspy story
  • Anything that might be missing or inaccurate



  1. Context for Gatsby:

    Kaiser Wilhelm [II]:
    ruled Germany 1888 - 1918. He presided over German involvement in The Great War.

    Gilda Gray:

    "a Polish-American actress and dancer who became famous in the US for popularizing a dance called the "shimmy".

  2. I think that all the rumours that are spread by characters who are not Nick are presented as being just that - rumours. Nick appears to not enjoy the company of these other characters which takes away from their credibility infront of us, the readers.

    Thanks for the very deatailed blog Rosie

  3. I reckon Gatsby and Nick might get together soon. I think Gatsby's quite mysterious, as no-one ever knows too much about him.


  4. Good, deatailed blog Rosie.

    I think certain secrets of Gatsby might unfold in later readings of the book. The way he is presented gives me this impression

    Chris W

  5. Chris's comment is just another great example of American's being very fond Europe and what it has to offer. Great Post Rosie :D