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Your task on this blog is to write a brief summary of what we learned in class today. Include enough detail so that someone who was ill or missed the lesson can catch up with what they missed. Over the course of the term, these 'class scribe' posts will grow to be a guide book for the course, written by students for students.

With each post ask yourself the following questions:
1) Is this good enough for our guide book?
2) Will your post enable someone who wasn't here to catch up?
3) Would a graphic/video/link help to illustrate what we have learned?

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


The first task was to draw a mask of the Duke of Ferrara emphasizing certain features of his face to outline certain emotions or characteristics that he reveals within the poem.

Our second task was to choose songs that described or related to certain characters that we have studied from Browning's poems.

The characters are:
Duke of Ferrara
Fra Lippo Lippi
The Bishop
Porphyria's lover

After this our next task was to create a script in which the Bishop (from "The Bishop Orders his Tomb") and Fra Lippo Lippi are conversing. The first line of this script had to be "So this is purgatory..." and the conversation should have explored the characters views on religion and other themes such as art and hypocrisy etc.

The last task was to read the poem "The Pied Piper of Hamelin" and write a short summary of the poem afterwards.

Comment on the blog listing your songs for the characters
Research themes Browning has included in his poetry and possible suggestions for why


  1. (音乐)

    Duke F.:
    The Coldest Heart - The Classic Crime
    Confession, guilt, getting a solution ‘new duchess’

    Dancers On A String - Garry Schyman
    Mysterious, creepy, lonley, Control, Emotion ‘smile’

    Enjoy the Silence - Depeche Mode
    Peace ‘killing of Pophyria’, Life Complete, Nothing making sense (confusion)

    Fingers in the Factories - Editors
    Bishop trying to make his fellow’s happy, death, jealousy of Gandolf, selfishness

    Fra Lippo:
    Eclipse - Ephemeral-DFP
    Cheeky, Unstoppable Truth, expressive ‘drunk’

    Born to wasted – 009 sound system
    Fickleness of people (like patriot, hate patriot), Execution

    Pied piper:
    Shogun 2 Total War Music - Deception
    Serious, deadly, mysterious, tension, changing, anger,

  2. Track List:

    Duke F: Shaggy- Wasn't me
    Porphyria: Rihanna ft Eminem- Love the way you lie
    Porphyria's lover: Rihanna: Disturbia
    Bishop: Travie McCoy ft Bruno Mars - Billionaire
    Fra Lippo: TI ft Rihanna - Live your life
    Patriot: Chipmunk ft CHris Brown - Champion
    Pied Piper: Drake - Over

    Esmeralda ;)

  3. Duke F: Toxic (Britany speares)
    porphyria`s lover: Disturbia (Rihanna)
    Bishop: Few of my faveroiute things (Maria)
    Fra lippo: I want to break free (Queen)
    Patriot: Walking on sunshine mixed with all by myself
    Pied piper: Cardigan weather (Meg and Dia)

    that`s my track (sorry for spelling mistakes)

  4. Here's my playlist:

    Duke Ferrara - Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off (Pan!k at the Disco)
    Bishop - Rich Girl (Gwen Stefani)
    The Patriot - Show must go on (Queen)
    Fra Lippo Lippi - Living a lie (Guano Apes)
    Porphyria - Numb (Linkin Park - Dubstep version)
    Porphiria's lover - The Kill (30 Seconds to Mars)
    The Pied Piper - Gives you hell (All American Rejects)



  5. Duke Ferrara - Crazy (Gnarls Barkley)
    Bishop - Alive til I'm dead (Pro Green. It's an album, though - I couldn't find a song)
    The Patriot - The Italian National Anthem.
    Fra Lippo Lippi - Cigarettes and Alcohol (Oasis)
    Porphyria - Who's laughing now? (Jessie J)
    Porphiria's lover - Pass out (Tinie Tempah)
    The Pied Piper - Black and Yellow (Wiz Khlaifa, but maybe a Red and Yellow remix?)


  6. Duke Ferrara - Monster (Skillet)
    Bishop - Viva La Vida (Coldplay)
    The Patriot - Coming Home (Skylar Gray/ Aryon dubstep remix)
    Fra Lippo Lippi - Boulevard of broken dreams (Green Day)
    Porphyria - Josie(Blink 182)
    Porphyria's Lover - My Body is a cage (Peter Gabriel Arcade fire cover)
    The Pied Piper - Misery Business (Paramore)

    Roman A.