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Your task on this blog is to write a brief summary of what we learned in class today. Include enough detail so that someone who was ill or missed the lesson can catch up with what they missed. Over the course of the term, these 'class scribe' posts will grow to be a guide book for the course, written by students for students.

With each post ask yourself the following questions:
1) Is this good enough for our guide book?
2) Will your post enable someone who wasn't here to catch up?
3) Would a graphic/video/link help to illustrate what we have learned?

Friday, 14 January 2011

Poem: The Lady of Shallot

We began the lesson looking at a picture and commentating on it. In this picture there were shadows. We then started a discussion talking about what it would be like to live in a cave and the only thing that you’ll see is showdowns moving past. We this we watched a video that showed just this.

We then as a class read The Lady of Shallot. We discussed all of the auditory imagery that the poem contains. It is seen that in the outside world there is plenty but in her castle there is nothing but silence. After this we began to link the video to the poem. This was done by comparing the ladies life to the people that lived in the cage that only saw shadows with her only seeing peoples reflection.

Sir then asked us to write all the activities that happened in the “real” world and the inactivity’s in Shallot.

Here are some of mine:


· “up and down the people go”

· “only reapers, reaping early”

· “the knits came riding two by two”

Whilst Shallot:

· “ four grey walls, and four grey towers”

· “shadows of the world appear”

· “hangs before her all the year”

We then all began to annotate the poem; we came up with things such as there is a Dichotomy between Shallot and Camelot. We further stated that the enjambment in the poem helps it flow.

HOMEWORK: Read “The Victorian Age” and make notes on it; also finish annotating the poem.

Esmeralda ;)


  1. oo my, esmeralda (SUPERWOMAN) well done, you've managed to put it up.BTW what is the true meaning behind this poem?

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  3. Allegory of the Cave is the name of what we done in the beginning of the lesson.

  4. Good blog. The poem is long!


  5. well done on your blog...well done


  6. Good post Esmeralda, very concise.
    Informed of what occurred at the beginning of the lesson as I wasn't in

    The allegory of the cave sounds quite interesting..


  7. Thank you for the blog Esmeralda! It really helped me catch up :)


  8. Great Blog Esmeralda, thank you for the homework reminder.


  9. The `Lady of Shalott` poem is intersting. The movement Tennyson created really makes us capture the true meaning of the poem.

    Chris W

  10. Good work Esmeralda....