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With each post ask yourself the following questions:
1) Is this good enough for our guide book?
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3) Would a graphic/video/link help to illustrate what we have learned?

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Narrative Voice

In the lesson we had to look over 3 chapters of the book were learning Enduring Love. At the start we had to think about what Narrative Voice ment. We have come to a conclusion that Narrative Voice means telling the story in your own point of view and also be interpreted to the Third Person.

We looked upon chapter 8 and did a summary on it. We also looked at what type of narration is used in the chapter and the effect us readers get form the narration.
In chapter 8 its reaveld that Joe is the narrative voice in the chapter. In the chapter what happens is that Joe dismisses Jed because he thinks hes crazy, insane and calls the police. Joe sees himself as a scientist however Jed is bothering him, aggrovating him. It made him realise that hes not such a big scientist. Joe is a paracite of others people work.

We also had to do a review on chapter 9 we had to think of the following:
  • What is interesting about the narrative perspective here?
  • Why do you think that McEwam writes the section this way?
  • What does it contribute?
  • the readers response to Joe
  • the readers to Clarissa
  • key ideas of storytelling and interpretation

What is intersting about the narrative is that the perspective is from third person/ominscent, but were not sure why joe is the main narrator. Joe interprets Clarissas point of view as he thinks in third person.

We think that McEwan writes in this way becasue it makes us raeders question what Joe thinks of Clarissas mind set, trying to precieve as Joe being the main character . Its trying to show off Joes intelligensts.We think that Joe is quite mad and rude. We think that McEwan is letting us add our own interpretation and perspective.

Chapter 11 review

We had to answer the following:

  • What was intersting about the narrative voice?
  • Why dose Mcewan do this?
  • What do we learn about Jeds background?

The intersts of this narrative in this chapter is that its told as a letter. McEwan wabts to make us feel usure , to show that hes carzy and really obessive. What we learn about his background is that.

  • Hes out on his own
  • Hes realy close to God
  • Hes got no family
  • He enhirted is aunties money
  • He use to be poor
  • He exludes people
  • He has a special relationship with God
  • Wants Joe to Be closer to God

The last task of the lesson we had to get into pairs and was each given a chapter to review on. We had to write about lexis, structure, narrative and the focaliser.

Chapter 8

  • Narrative Joes perspective
  • Starting to become paranoid and confused
  • Lexis: confusion, paracite
  • Sentence Structure: uncertain with himself and explantory sentences.

Chapter 9

  • Joes point of view of how he proceeds of Clarissas point of view. Gives us an insight what Joe thinks and feels about Clarissa.
  • Gives the reader an insight of their mind of who was right and who was wrong.
  • Structure:lot more broken down, compared to chapter 8 he was arguing with himself.
  • Lexis:constud.

Chapter 11

  • `Jeds letter written for Joe
  • Joe is the focaliser
  • Lexis: Biblical, romantic, expressive
  • Structure: malliflous, complex sentences.

Rosie Yagien


  1. Jed wasn't what I thought he'll turn out to be.

  2. Even though I wasn't in this lesson (study leave) but I have read quite a bit further than this and do agree that Jed is quite crazy. However I don't seem to sympathize with Joe as much as is normal for a protagonist because he comes across as arrogant and self-centered. I think that Joe is keeping a barrier between himself and the reader which is why I feel quite hostile towards him.

    Aleksandra ...

  3. Good blog, missed this lesson due to study leave. I think that were purposly meant to have our own perception of Joe and Jed- the later parts of the book will answer our questions/ thoughts.

    Chris W

  4. woow aleks, is almost like you were there. THAT IS EXACTLY how we conclude the lesson we all agreed he is a bit of a snob. GOOD BLOG ROSIE (i aint even lie) :P

  5. this is a good blog as it told me what i missed this lesson