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Your task on this blog is to write a brief summary of what we learned in class today. Include enough detail so that someone who was ill or missed the lesson can catch up with what they missed. Over the course of the term, these 'class scribe' posts will grow to be a guide book for the course, written by students for students.

With each post ask yourself the following questions:
1) Is this good enough for our guide book?
2) Will your post enable someone who wasn't here to catch up?
3) Would a graphic/video/link help to illustrate what we have learned?

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Othello - Tuesday 21st September

We started off the lesson by identifying what the most improtant pieces of information about the play were. We discussed the fact Iago is annoyed he hadn't recieved the promotion he believed he deserved, the fact Othello gained high social status by fighting against Turkey for Venice, Othello's secret marriage to Desdemona and the issue of Iago promising Roderigo he will persuade Desdemona to like Roderigo. These issues - among others - were what we decided were the most important issues, currently, in the play.

We then broke in to small groups and had to think of a different beginning to the play (e.g. at Desdemona and Othello's wedding), where it would be set and what characters would be there.

Afterwards, we focused on the homework that was previously set. This revolved around Iago and his speech in Act 1, Scene 1. We analysed the speech as a class, identifying characteristics of Iago. We discovered him to be decietful and we also thought this may be a sign of things to come in the play.

Our final two tasks were to discuss the 'Adjacency pairs' - "A unit of conversation that contains an exchange of one turn each by 2 speakers. the 1st turn requires a certain type of 2nd turn as a response", something which features in Act 1, scene 1 with Iago and Rodergio's discussion with Brabantio. Then, we searched Act 1, scene 1 for negative comments made by Iago, Roderigo and Brabantio about Othello, as we saw they had not actually mentioned his name, but commented on him many times ("An old black ram").

-What impression of Othello is created by Iago in Act 1, scene 1?
-Discuss the opening & the conversation with Brabantio, use the term 'adjacency pairs'.
(1 page, due Thursday 23rd)
- Comment on this.



  1. The impression I got of Iago after looking at him in more depth that lesson is that although he appears to be self centered, as he is only concerned about his own personal gain, he is very aware of what is going on around him and this helps him in his evil doings.
    Well done on your blog post Daniel.


  2. love this post, iago is just an antagonist, he is the bad guy stiring things up. i felt that shakespears portrayal of iago in this way made me sympathise with othelo since he is being unreasonably attacked..just my opinion

  3. Hmmm although Shakespeare has changed our perception of Iago (From having sympathy for him to being "self centered" or the "bad guy")for some reason I believe Iago will justify this later on in the play

    Nice post Daniel..

    | Sonny.

  4. Thi is a really good blog, this has been well described

  5. hey daniel that's real good information it lets me that Iago is such an hypocrite..that really a detailed piece of information...


  6. I didn`t sympathise with Iago from the start but that`s most lkely influenced as i already knew the plot so therefore knew he was a sneaky character

  7. Good detailed information Daniel, well thought out. I believe he uses others in order to bring himself success. I agree with Tamsin on him being sneaky.


  8. i also agree with tamsin, iago is just one character you connot feel any sorrow for as he clearly stated 'i am not what i am' so clearly he is not to be trusted as for othello he is very much someone who is all good but society won't allow him in because of his race, and shakespear shows through his dialect