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With each post ask yourself the following questions:
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Friday, 29 April 2011

Final Preparation Before Mock Exam

Due to the fact that we had a mock exam later the same day, our lesson consisted of the class going over any major issues they had with the exam and general essay writing.
As a class we did not have a lot to go over in terms of problems regarding the exam; issues that we did look at were things such as how to write a thesis statement for the section B portion of the exam and how to focus on aspects of narrative during our essays.

After this discussion, Sir put up two section B questions and asked us to pick one and prepare a plan for it. The general format of the plan was:

- Thesis statement/introduction - Must name aspect, acknowledge how the named aspect applies to all three texts respectively and take up the invitation to debate.
E.g. "In the works of Fitzgerald, McEwan and Tennyson endings are use to show a characters isolation, give the reader closure and to show the stagnation of a character."
- Body paragraph one - Text one
- Body paragraph two - Text two
- Body paragraph three - Text three
- Conclusion - (Not compulsory, but preferred.)

Mr Chatterley asked one person to volunteer for each question to tell the class their plan so as to act as a template. These plans were put up on the board and the class continued to discuss what the author of the plan did correctly and what needed to be improved.

After this we each received a sheet with a band six essay answer to section B. The class was asked to identify the essay's thesis statement.
Once this was done we were told to write an answer to the question we previously choose in the lesson an made a plan for using the band six essay as a guide along with our own plan.

We used the time till the end of the lesson to write our answer which concluded the lesson; after school we had a mock exam where we applied the practice we received in this lesson and hopefully did well in.

Good luck everyone.
Roman A.

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  1. Little reminder

    Exam is 2 hours long
    Spend 30 minutes on each Aa + Ab
    Spend the other 1 hour on section B