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With each post ask yourself the following questions:
1) Is this good enough for our guide book?
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3) Would a graphic/video/link help to illustrate what we have learned?

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


We began our lesson by getting into pairs, in those pairs we had one partner being a boss whilst another being an employee wanting a raise. The boss would then have to think of reasons as to why he/she wouldn't give the employee a raise.

We then read the book.

After reading it we all had to re-write some of the passage saying what the characters were thinking rather then what they were saying.

My one went like :

(Willy in Howard's office)

Howard: Oh god it's you.

Willy: I need to speak to you.

Howard: Ahh doesn't my daughter have such a beautiful voice?

Willy: I really need to speak to you!

Howard: And my boy is so damn clever, will you just leave already.

Willy: What on earth is that?

Howard: Well i bought it for dictation, it's an amazing machine, but i doubt that you can afford one.

Willy: I could get one, but I don't want one.

Howard: Well you should, it can record radio shows if you miss them.

Willy: That would be good for me, as am always driving and missing them.

Howard: Can't you afford a radio in your car?

Willy: I have it, I just don't use it.

Howard: Wait a minute, why are you not in Boston?

Willy: Because I really need to talk to you about a raise.

Howard: Yes but you should be there, you lost it again eh?

Willy: No! of-course not!

Howard: Oh thank god! Your getting old.

Willy: I've had enough of it, I don't want to travel no more.

Howard: Why on earth not?

Willy: But, remember Christmas you said you would give me a desk job?

Howard: Oh did i, well cant give you one no space.

Willy: But me and your father were so-

Howard: Yes that was then this is now.

Willy: Please, I need this raise.

Howard: No.

Willy: But me and your father-

Howard: No.

Willy: Let me tell you this story-

Howard: Seriously NO, business is business.

Willy: I'll work for fifty dollars please am begging!

Howard: Am sorry, but no.

Willy: 40 dollars, I'll work for anything just pleas give me the job, and am so good at my job.

Howard: No your not, now i must go and get away from you!

Howard exits

Willy: I really need to impress him, desperately need this raise.

Howard: (rushing in) Your still here, you know what you need a break-

Willy: No please done fire me!

Howard: I don't want you to work for us.

Willy: I can't believe your firing me.

Howard: You need to go and relax.

Willy: But I'm broke, i need money.

Howard: Get your two sons to help you.

Willy: Yeah sure thing, like they can help.

Howard: Well I'm sorry, I just cant have you working for us anymore.

Willy: Please this is my life!

Howard: Am busy now. Goodbye.

The end

This was the lesson; for homework we have to comment on my awesome blog on the videos which are in the Chatterley folder located in the W drive.

Esmeralda ;)


  1. great script esmee and what is willy going to do now that he lost his job, i think he has too much pride and needs to actually understand that if he doesn't take the job Howard offered him, he will be homeless.

  2. Superb effort in your script Esmeralda.

    Everone else: Make sure you comment on the Atheism tapes here!

  3. good job on the blog and thanks for writing out your script it`s interesting to see how people interpret things differently.


    and i found Miller`s point of view on atheism interesting as at one point he says atheists don`t have the talent to worship a God which is interesting as all the atheists i know use logic to explain why there isn`t a God but he uses the word "talent" so it`s different.

  4. The Atheism tapes were very intriguing as I was shocked to hear that Miller's perception on religion was that religion was "irrelevant" during the great depression.
    Moreover I wasn't aware that believing in a god is a "talent" (according to Arthur Miller).


  5. Arthur Miller, sounds like a person who has been "let down" from his faith. He makes an interesting point "man to become a permanent part of the universe."

    I look forward to knowing what task we will be set that is related to this video clip

  6. Loads of informatoin is given out through yuor work esmeralda and yes indeed it is an awesome blog!!!about the atheism tapes it was really interseting and in it Arthur Miller gives his views about religion and he also tells that how much importance was given to religioin during his times.


  7. errr..sorry im a little confused i wasn't in the lesson but what where millers views on atheiesm and how does that link into the themes of the play, or is just extra information that we should just "plop" in ?

  8. I am fasinated by Arthur Miller's view of religion. I think that Miller believes that religion is only important in certain situations and in other aspects he feels that religion has no importance (pending on the situation). He has a realistic approach through life, mainly looking towards the factual than faith side. I find it rather intersting about what Miller thinks of "Life After Death."
    -Great blog by the way Esmeralda!!

    Chris W

  9. REPLY TO Yahaya: Arthur Miller's Views is/ was part of the homework. Watch Arthur Miller's atheism tapes (you can find them on youtube or W: drive in school)

    just put in your comments on the tapes here

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  11. Millers atheism tape was very interesting, how he describes his religion with his family was 'only 3 times in year'. From this comment we could see where his thoughts came from. It was also interesting how he describes religion in a way not neccessary during the recession, so does that mean people should of turned their back to religion anytime situations were tough?

  12. Great job Esmeralda.

    My view on Arthur Miller's opinion was that it is extremely interesting. The fact that he claims that he just lay down and his faith was gone was something i understand because a similar thing had happened to me.
    Also his idea that belief is a talent, although i may not necessarily agree, i still find the prospect extremely fascinating. His opinion that humans want to put themselves into the heavens where they could be moral and good whilst they couldn't be on Earth is an idea that really hit deep with me.


  13. Really good blog esmeralda,

    From watching the atheism tapes and he said he was religious from a young age and simply woke up the next day and he felt his religion wasnt there, and how religion was man-made and man projected himself into heaven, and the idea of an in and out group, ones own group being most familiar is less dangerous and the out being menacing because it's strange. Miller also said that to be believe in one religion and not another is to believe that the other's are wrong. I agree with these points to some extent that people consider other people's religion's other than their own to be wrong.

    Watching the tape really opened my mind to nationalism and religion and how the government use them to convince people that if they don't oblige to it, they are wrong.


  14. LOl awesome blog, yes it is a really good blog, your script is raelly sad but true. you have well explained the lesson. Authur Miller tapes were really interesting on what hes has an aspect on religion. its funny how he said that one night he just layed down and the next day hes not religious anymore. but he also explains that religion is only for certain times.

  15. Awful blog.

    Only joking, I found what Arthur Miller said interesting in the way he sometimes depicted religion as a chore. "My family only observed 3 or so times a year, and the rest they were too busy..." Also found interesting that he indicates that religion is an idea created so man would be remembered for years.


  16. Cool blog Esmeralda.

    I thought that Arthur Miller's views on atheism were really intruging because his perspective on the matter is completely different from the traditional one. Instead of using a rational, factual explanation to put forward his atheist views he says that believing in God is a 'talent'.
    From the videos I understood that he came from a fairly religious background and tried to engage in religion himself, but found his interest had suddenly vanished, which is quite interesting. I think that his religious beliefs, (or rather lack of) helped to shape Millers views of the world and therefore influenced his work.


  17. really good interpretation of the play and how the characters are actually thinking. and i finally commented on a blog woop woop LEIGH MARTINNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  19. i guess at his age and to have lived through so many killings and injustice. He questions the exist of god, wouldn't anyone in his position do the same?


  20. Although I commented late, and was kicked from the class because I forgot this little thing, I'm going to comment on the tapes now.

    I found it intriguing that Miller believed that to truly be religious, a person must be talented enough, rather than to have enough faith or belief. Or perhaps, ever be talented enough to have TRUE belief, which I agree with him on, as its no easy task. Even with this though, him believing that religion should only be implemented at the oppurtune time seems strange, as that may suggest he himself is not talented enough to always believe.

    ~Dylan H. D:<~

  21. arthur miller was once as religious boy from the ages 12-14, but as time went on, he "lost" the ability to believe. He see's being religious as a talent and thinks that he is no longer capable. he says that the whole concept of religion vanished during the reccession, they were in the middle of a social crisis and no one really cared about being truely religious. Arther miller also believe that the edea of religion is the creation of mans longing to signify, to be a permanent part of universe.

    SHIVA :)